{BlogThinkTank} Why a blog is like a relationship. And sometimes you have to part with it.

Why a blog is like a relationship #blogger

E in a new phenomenon from the US increasingly worried the German blogosphere: More and more successful food and DIY bloggers decide almost overnight to give up their blogs and not to continue writing. Despite years of work, great notoriety, many readers, own books and in general everything that one could wish for as a blogger. Will German bloggers soon face the same fate? How can it even come to the blog separation? An explanation:

How to separate yourself from a love - a relationship parable in 10 phases.

# 1 Get rid of all the lines!
You just met and it's so exciting. You're thinking about this new, wonderful thing in your life all day long. You're happy to come home and finally concentrate on it. The time spent together flies by and you only want one thing: to be able to spend more time together soon. Even if it is already well past midnight and you have to get up very early tomorrow. Yeah! How wonderfully daring and unreasonable! Life is beautiful.

# 2 Unhinging the World.
In the meantime, you've met a few times. You are motivated and even the most desolate everyday things can not challenge you. Your boss stands around? That just pisses off on you. There is something that inspires, wears you, and gives you that touch of pink in your face. You still do not know exactly where the journey will go ... but you feel it's special, it's good and it's yours and no one else in the world.

# 3 Outing.
After a while, you're more confident with yourself. You start telling others about it. You are upset and a bit embarrassed and you wish very, very much, that your friends and relatives will like him. Nothing would break your heart any more than derogatory remarks or incomprehension. But they all give you positive feedback. And that makes you really happy. You know that's going to make it something very special, solid.

# 4 Big, big love.
You've become a super Team. It runs fine. You discover new things together almost every day. But it's not so terribly exciting, we used to. But a little bit of safety and routine is also quite good - there you do not have to be enthusiastic about every thing and sometimes you can take care of other things in life. The friends, the job or the dishes. Something happens all time. It's great that more and more people are coming and saying that you are a real dream couple. Some even want to know how you do it together. Or they invite you regularly because they value your company. Some also visit you and bring nice gifts. You have found a lot of new and interesting friends. That flatters you and when you look at him, you think regularly what he is but a great guy. And that you're a lucky guy, because it works, how it works.

# 5 Everyday fun.
At some point you realize that yours common way also means work and compromises. He is a special type with very own needs. That may cost strength, but it comes back a lot. Now and then you also get comments from your friends because they see you less. Everyone wants to go for a drink today. But you'd rather stay home because of him. That does not matter to you at all.But you just can not have it all.

# 6 Ups & Downs.
And your effort is worth it. Incredible! A publisher approached you if you did not want to write a book about yourself. A book! You look forward to a little bit off! This is a knighthood, the big goal, the won boss fight at the end of the level. They're as euphoric as they were when you first met. You feel energetic and could tear out trees. Since you also put away easily, that the public now knows even more about you two. And not just positive comments. There are always jealous and crazy people, you tell yourself and shake it off. Only sometimes do you lie awake at night wondering why people you do not even know are writing such ugly things and how far that will probably go.

# 7 Es is not all gold.
You work more than before. Because of course he, your job and your family should not suffer from the new task. You get up very early every morning and at the weekends you are busy with him and your extra project every free minute. At some point it annoys you that your horizon has become so narrow. You want more air for you - but that's just not possible right now. Your schedule is tight and you have to be creative. You've made commitments - the show must go on. Quite often, you just do not want to do anything for two weeks. To let the soul dangle. Do not plan and think nothing. Best without him. The thought terrifies you. That's over, you say. It's just a phase. Then you hit the calculator and check the social media channels.

# 8 It's complicated. Very.
If you are listening to yourself lately, there is little joy and a lot of emptiness. You feel hollowed out and without inspiration. And he is no help, just burdened you additionally. You never imagined that it could come to that. He has held so much beauty and surprise for you, but increasingly also many challenges and problems. Your relationship is becoming more complex on the one hand and increasingly boring on the other. Your demands for you are high, but it takes you longer and longer to implement them. The lightness has made secretly, quietly and quietly from the field. And what you do together does not satisfy you anymore. It affects you convulsively and wrongly. You feel that you are fulfilling a role that has little to do with your real needs. Every now and then you secretly ask yourself how long you can last.

# 9 Swan Song.
You've been wearing it for weeks Thoughts. But he seems outrageous. I can not anymore, you think. He eats me up. He claims my whole world of thought and time and he does not give me anything joyful. You have not done much with each other lately - just the bare necessities. Because it somehow belongs, that one makes something. But everything has become tight anyway, you only feel under pressure. What fascinated you in the beginning and seemed to offer you endless possibilities has turned into the opposite. I have to part with him, you think. I have to get away from him. But can you really throw away what has worked out for so long together? Is that allowed? And what will the others say? You're sad and sleep badly.

# 10 The Out.
You get up and sit down at the calculator. It must be. You start to write. And as you do, you notice the pressure drop away from you. You have decided: You are not together anymore. And you say it now. "It was a wonderful time.But now I have to do something else. "You put on your jacket and go outside to the air. The wind is blowing around your nose. And you think you're going to have a coffee at your Liebling-Kaffehöker now. All alone. In peace. Only for you. That feels good and right.

A new section has started for you. Without your blog.

#BlogThinkTank "Blog Separation"

So, now I want to know: Is this all an issue for you? Are you a blogger and recognize yourself directly in one of the phases? Have you ever disconnected from your blog or been playing (secretly) with the idea for some time? Is this an unavoidable process or do you know any helpful strategies for not being in the trap of a blog relationship? Do you see any other reasons why bloggers stop bang? Or do you think all this nonsense and believe the people should come down again - it's just a blog?

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