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Enjoy one of our famous sandwiches, salads or chef creations.

 At Mr. Everything Cafe we prepare everything fresh to your specifications. All of our meats are grilled. Nothing is fried
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Vidal R.

Food Exceptionally good and always fresh, it's your local spot in New Orleans food is made fresh to order and it's a place with Healthier choices of food.


Anthony N.

I was really interested in this place because everything just looks so different and delicious. I visited this place twice to check out a variety of their menu. I came here with a friend for the first visit and it felt like the cashier did not want to be there. He may have had a bad day or something. My friend and I ordered the Salmon and Shrimp Loaded Baked Potato, Salmon Sub, and Shrimp Quesadilla. Everything looked great, but the food was generally a little too salty and greasy. For the second visit, I went by myself for some takeout. A lady took my order this time around and she was much nicer than the other guy. I ordered the whole N.Y. Style Cheesesteak with white bread, 2 Lemon Pepper Wings, and 2 Jerk Flavored Wings. The lady informed me that the wings were baked and not fried, which was a nice FYI. The N.Y. Style Cheesesteak was pretty greasy and had a lot of mayo, but was my favorite thing from here so far. The wings were just okay, they could have used a bit more flavor. Overall, this place is a decent spot to get something different and a quick lunch before returning to work or class. Everything is made to-go and the portions are pretty filling. There is no parking lot, but you can find street parking on Tulane Ave.


Leslie D.

Since this is my first stop in New Orleans, I don't have much to compare the food to but I left satisfied. I thought the red beans and rice were excellent with tons of great flavor and I thought the wings were good but a little over cooked and not crispy like I expected. The customer service was amazing and a great way start to our vacation. Overall, this place was good and makes me excited to try all the other food here.


Joe C.

The worst salmon burger ever, also get rid of the young lady at the register. I'll never go back and would never recommend waste of and my time. It says salmon burger not salmon salad burger. Her attitude match the burger nasty. No more to say.


Dawn W.

Apparently they don't pay their employees! I wouldn't patronize anyone that doesn't value human beings enough to pay them for the work they do. I tried to help two of my friends collect a weeks worth of pay they were owed but, Mr. Everything a.k.a Ronald Walker wouldn't even speak to me. First he tried to pretend he didn't know who Ronald Walker was until my friend pointed him out, and sure enough it was the same guy I was talking too! What a coward. Don't give him you money, you can go right next door to Broad and Banks or Ideal supermarket and get amazing food from businesses that have been in New Orleans for decades, and actually pay their employees. You can expect that summons soon Ronald. We aren't just going to let it go!


AnhTri H.

Customer service : PoorFood : OkayAtmosphere : OkayTLDR; Service was horrible. Wouldn't come back. See below for my experience. Attempted to call to place an order ahead twice. Straight to voicemail the first time and the second time they didn't pick up. Heard great things about the food so took a trip out there during my lunch break to try the food. Placed an order for one (whole) cheesesteak and a grilled lamb yellow rice dish. Was told it'd be 30 minutes, so I waited. And waited. And waited. About 3 RTA busses came and gone. At this point 45 minutes elapsed and I got restless, wanting to be gone myself. Walked up to the counter and was handed my cheesesteak and told "thank you". After asking about my yellow rice dish, turns out they forgot to put it in. Was told 5 minutes and it would be done. Sat around for another 5 minutes debating on asking for a refund, but gave them the chance. 8 minutes pass and I'm already late for work, and with a cheesesteak getting cold in a bag. Walk up to the register, ready to ask for a refund on the yellow rice dish, and the person at the register refuses to look at me. Just stands there with their back to the register, looking at the kitchen. I wait a minute and see my rice being microwaved (cooked to order baby). Another couple of minutes and I'm handed my order in a bag without so much as a word. Overall it took an hour or so to get my food, double the 30 minute estimate. Food was alright, nice and room temperature because Mr. Everything serves it that way.


Adam B.

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Rona W.

Went in on Saints game day... the atmosphere was very nice especially for a game day. They seem to have a nice menu which is good. We didn't dine in but we waited for our chargrilled oysters while we watched the game. We took our order to go. Unfortunately the oysters were over cooked and not much seasoning. I will however go back to try other items on the menu. I do believe in second chances.


Eric S.

This is not a good restaurant they don't support that people they pay him minimum wage they pay him less than minimum wage and they started funky ass food it's all right but it's still funky that mother f***** what are disrespectful as a mother f***** f*** that mother f***** please


Dawn B.

I ordered the Salmon plate from Uber Eats & it was EVERYTHING to Me!  Soo fricking FYE


Rhonda M.

I was hoping to Love this place, as I love to support  small local businesses, unfortunately I do not recommend it... the bell pepper that was cooked in my yellow rice shrimp dish was old as it was a different color green and being from New Orleans and cooking all my life I could tell the difference.  I inquired about the  the steak and shrimp and ultimately decided on the steak but received shrimp instead?? Maybe because the shrimp dish is more expensive for maybe 6 shrimps in the entire dish... the yellow rice was cold and was very bland as if it was warmed in a microwave but the toppings such as the broccoli spinach etc where grilled hot?   Very dissatisfied with the food, yet the service was ok.    I waited about 15 minutes on my food, and they honored the 10% coupon from yelp.


Alexis B.

Everything on Mr. Everything's menu is delicious! I definitely recommend this place for healthy eating .


Deneil P.

Easily the best Lamb Gyros I've ever had. Perfect blend of sauces and flavors. My family did have to wait for a while to get our food but it was definitely worth the wait in the end


Elizabeth B.

Updated my review to confirm that, while I reIocated to Oregon in 2017, I was living and working in New Orleans when I wrote the review ... so it's not a "disgruntled tourist" review!Having driven past this cafe many times, I decided to give it a try on my lunch hour. The menu looked interesting, but I had to wait almost 10 minutes to place my order because the girl on the counter had stepped out (-1 star). My order was straightforward - a vegetarian sandwich - but I had difficulty understanding her questions which were mumbled. When I asked her to repeat, she became impatient (-1 star). When I paid,  there was no thank you and it took another 25 minutes for my half-sandwich to be prepared (-1 star). It was finally handed to me in a brown paper bag that was oozing grease from the bottom, and by the time I got back to my office, what I unwrapped was a soggy disaster of unidentifiable vegetables, melted cheese that had stuck to the wrapper, and liquidized bread. I had to eat what I could salvage with a fork (-1 star)Others obviously had more positive experiences here, but the combination of multiple negative factors would prevent me from giving them another try. Too many excellent cafes in this city to waste my time and money.


K T.

People were nice. Food was cooked to order.  It didn't take to long. it was good,Very good. Can't complain.


Jacquelyn N.

*Update - Mr. Everything Café gave me a full refund for the order I placed, thank you. I would give Mr. Everything Café and second chance to redeem themselves!Grilled chicken, brown rice, broccoli and a sweet potato, this was the meal i ordered through Uber eats. I've ordered multiple times and I've always asked for them to send a regular potato instead of a sweet potato and it's never been an issue. Unfortunately tonight it was and i did receive a sweet potato, which was not a huge deal. However i did receive a heaping mound of tomatoes on top of my entire dish. I hate tomatoes and no where in the food description does it say it includes tomatoes. Whole meal right in the trash, what a waste and a let down I really liked this place.


Lisa M.

The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable of the menu. It was my first visit and they were able to recommend and describe their recommendations, in a precise manner. Only downside is, I ordered chicken, but got beef. I live too far to return and the beef is quite tasty. Next time, I'll make sure it is chicken. I will return.


Rashelle T.

I absolutely love Mr. Everything! Every time I visit the location everyone is so friendly. I'm always greeted with a smile and a "welcome back". The food is always cooked fresh to order and is delicious. I will say one of my favorite things is the shrimp bowl with yellow rice. Don't skip the fruit punch or lemonade both drinks taste amazing! Thanks Mr. Everything I'll see you next time!


Lynn L.

Just simply awesome.  I ordered a salmon burger.  A slab of fresh salmon grilled to perfection. An added sauce that had me humming. My twin ordered salmon subway.  All the fixins of a subway.  2 six inch subway sandwiches for under . She took half home for dinnerPlace is nicely decorated and very clean.  Will be a regular. All kinds of good meAts such as lamb, turkey, wings.


charles o.

Never heard of this place and stopped purely by chance. Ordered the yellow rice with lamb on suggestion of young lady at counter.  Got my takeout after 15 minutes and left. When I got back to work and saw my plate I was surprised by the quality of the fresh vegetables and generous portion. Best of all it was extremely good. The yellow rice was cooked perfectly with slices of gyro meat, diced tomatoes, red peppers, broccoli, mushrooms topped with wilted spinach and a little  cheese. It was all seasoned amazingly well. Several people told me how good the Jamaican and vegetarian dishes were. Going back for more soon. Only downside is lack of parking.